Sisters in Bangkok: Day 2

I can’t quite finish my bangkok blog, time being scarce, procrastinating being a favourite excuse and the best one yet…I plainly forgot I had to finish this blog. Well, on with it!

Day 2 was spent at Platinum Mall. It’s amazing really.  There is just sooOO many shops and every shop has pieces unlike anothers’. Of course, we had to look at every 4 stores to find something that we liked, and even then in a colour / design we liked…Did I mention that you don’t get to try them at all?? Sigh. There’s no changing room to be found. Not a big deal for some super slim female I think…

japanese platinum mall

Breakfast: I got to choose Japanese for breakfast. Hell, I can have japanese anytime. This is at Fuji Restaurant atop of platinum Mall, right in the food court. Nothing much to shout about, but still…enjoyable. My kinda comfort food, me thinks 🙂

cupcake platinum mall blouse

Here’s a blouse I almost got for a sister in law. About THB 300-350?

20130503_120639tired at platinum mallchiffon blouse bangkok

love sweet blouses

Another shop with the prettiest softest colours. Sigh. Too bad the blouse I got with pink polka dots here couldn’t fit. I gave it to Lily, you’ll see her wearing it later to the Silom cooking school on DAY 3.

We spent the whole day at Platinum Mall, to the point that I was starting to veer towards the accessories section…Gawd, it was too much clothes gazing for me…Need to rest my weary orbits..

trimurti lover's bangkok

Coming out of platinum Mall, we’ll pass this unique shrine, paying homage to trimurti. In Hinduism, Trimurti represents the three Gods: Brahma (the Source/Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiva (the Transformer or Destroyer). I’m not sure if it’s a Thai twist to ANOTHER aspect of trimurti, since they’re worshipped as the God of ?love.

trimurti girls

Aren’t these ladies pretty?

trimurti love

And the Gods thirst for…brightly coloured gassy drinks….

trimurti roses

Well…what is it about flowers, or roses in particular that has me feeling contented? The silken feel of their petals when rubbed between your fingers.. sweet.

terminal 21You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that’s cheap in Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. It’s posh pieces like these that take a look at your wallets and laugh out loud. 😛

shopping terminal sukhumvitterminal 21 korea clothesThere

seven spoons love