Somehow the new year didn’t ring in for me. Rather than ringing, I heard (with a surprise) the muted “pop” poppopop” of firecrackers in my neighbourhood go off around close to midnight on the new year. Hubby was home with us, and we were settling the two monkeys just so we could have our own time afterwards.
” Why are there firecra….??”, I started and then it registered.

It’s the new year, dear readers. How did I forget all about it? I get so caught up living, working, loving my kids, my hubby, talking, laughing..visiting friends, eating a nice turkey dinner with my whacky family, xmas was just last week…boy, that was fast! Is christmas over already? Why are they playing those chinese new year songs so soon?!

Who cares about dates? 1st january is just another date on the calendar…another number. Like i said, I get so caught up doing all of the above and my resolution this year is to do more of the same. EXCEPT MAYBE…

MORE holidays. MORE travelling.

MORE time for Noel, he’s already in K1.

MORE singing to  Vincent.  He loves “Lights” by Ellie Goulding. funny kid.

MORE time for sister. I have only one.

MORE time to visit brother in SINGAPORE.

MMMmmmm I love me family. Happy new year-even though it’s just a number to my friends and family!

love ya all, smooccccheroos all around!