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How chained are we to our jobs?

I’ll like to think that I’m free to go wherever and whenever at the drop of a hat; but then I have two little boys to care for and after work my world evolves somewhat around them. So when I get the chance to leave them with their babysitter, I miss them oh Of COURSE I miss them…but there’s also the me who goes…. FREEEEDOoooooooM!!!

Ah, to eat anything, to shop as long as i’ll like. To curl up in bed with a book late into the nights and not have to get up and make milk…..


Date” 2nd- 6th May 2013 (Thursday – Monday)

This is the first time ever that I’ve taken a holiday abroad with a sibling without our parents. It’s always been the whole brood, all 4 awkward, geeky, noisy, sibs with our parents, trooping obediently into tour buses, listening to the tour commentaries, posing for pictures at famous monuments….

Bangkok, Thailand. Ah. It’s not the same without the parents. Issit?

Lily being Lily, and me being me, we each fight over the itinerary weeks before the actual flight. What were the evening plans? Nightly imbibing? Nightly massages? Should we go for a cooking class? What’s for lunch on the last day? What’s at Asiatique? And did I pick the best hotel I could? In the end it was with a “Oh what the hell, enough with all this, let’s just go and let everything turn out the way it will turn out!” attitude that we boarded the airplane.

Day 1: Welcome to Bangkok

MAS: Rm 806 for 2 persons with in flight meals and baggage allowance 30kg.

MAS food

Lily’s  breakfast, mushroom chicken and veg which was rather good, she said.


My curry chicken was yummy. Could have done without the waffle biscuits and fruit cakes though.


The Grottino Residence

Let’s stay near a BTS, I’d told Lily. Maybe near Terminal 21. It’s a nice modern mall, we’ll be able to walk straight from the BTS station to our hotel and not have to flag down some strange, unsavory taxi character who’ll no doubt drug us and sell our kidneys, chop off our limbs….

OKKaaayyy, we’re two tough birds so not like the above will happen, but staying somewhere safe is of utmost importance (for daddy’s if not for OUR own peace of mind), and the Grottino residence was in a BRIGHTLY LIT, straight path down from the Asok BTS, so yeah, it’s in a really SAFE place.


Address: 19/9-10 Sukhumvit Soi 19, Klong Toey – Nua, Wattana,

               Bangkok 10110

We took a cab from the Airport and it was about THB 700? Can’t remember, but it was somewhere there.

I noted the good reviews for THE KEY hotel (pricier and fully booked then at about THB 2200). Was very keen on The SILQ too for their beautiful rooms, but then realised we’ll be out most of the days and a posh looking room was kinda unnecessary. Next round then, Lily…..(cheers)

bangkok hotel

I love the wooden floors of mah room at the Grottino residence. Don’t you prefer wood underfoot rather than carpet?

The Grottino is a small boutique hotel with just 21 rooms, great WIFI network (passkey stated clearly behind room cards) and a Swiss Restaurant right beside it, which we never had the opportunity to avail ourselves off, food being a plenty around us. It’s THB 1850 /night with no breakfast.

 hotel bangkok

My own joke for the day: In comparing the price of condoms and aspirin, one wakes up, sees who’s in bed with them and reach for  the later! (lily -what??!)

nice hotel sukhumvit

The entrance to Grottino residence is through the restaurant. Until you get your passkey. Then there is a side door that you can acess.

Below is a map to the hotel. The Grottino Residence is at the end of an alley before the FAMILY MART.

map GR

The nice thing about staying in this area?? We’re smacked in the middle of lots of massage houses, two 24 hour convenience stores, the quirkily designed Terminal 21 and OH SO NEAR to SUKHUMVIT MRT and ASOK BTS.

The evening is spent looking for the PLATINUM FASHION MALL at Petchaburi Road.

First we got on the ASOK BTS, and off at Chidlom station (1o mins).  Now here is the slightly tiring part:

One has to walk down the skywalk connecting from Chidlom station towards Siam BTS station, look out for Gaysorn on the right, walk into Gaysorn, and exit it, passing by Central World. We had to ask for someone to point us in the general direction of Platinum Mall, which is a bit of a walk after Central World.

I’ve inserted a map of Chidlom station here.

And of course I had to stop by Naraya Bags (Central world) for a look see… You’ll have seen men with missing wives looking lost and confused as to what the fuss was all about.


Summer colours

i love narayaPurple Days

cute little naraya bagsThese were for AZI + ATI

I miss them. Just a little.

There are actually two buildings to the Platinum Mall. I have no idea what was at the 1st building, we were mostly in the second one.


……..at the 6th floor of Platinum Mall (2)  is the inexpensive, unpretensious food court teeming with thai local delights. We were crazy hungry by then. I was all up for the much talked about thai papaya salad. I don’t remember having any memorable sourish thai salad before this, but the som tam at this little shop was something fierce!

som tam

It was sublime, it was good. SO GOOD they even had a guard come forward and stop me from taking further pictures of the stall. (????)


 It was a little odd. I gather they thought I was gonna find out their secret recipe and open another stall right next door.

Lily got the fried oyster omelette which was only so so.

oyster hoy tod

Then we were so busy shopping for clothes……..that I didnt bother to take anymore pictures. Some photographer.


Platinum Mall closes early. It closed around 7pm if I remember right.

I had to drag Lily away, but it wasn’t easy.

She had that glint in her eye, the Die-die must-explore-every-single-shop atittute to her steps. The shop owners eyes were shooting daggers at us. AND my sister just went right on shopping. *Shakes head*

I was just so tired…♒((⇀‸↼))♒

Plus we still had to get to Chinatown for our seafood feast. MY, the chinatown of Far Far Away. We are definately taking a cab, sista.

chinatown pomegranate juice

Chinatown in a foreign country is alwaz something curious to me. Chinese. But not quite chinese. BTW, these pomegranate drinks we found at Yaowarat Road ie. Chinatown were sUPer ReFREsHinG!!! Look at how ruby red the fruit is!!! 30-40THB depending on the smaller or bigger bottle.

chinatown bangkok

Here I am, all sweaty and just happy to have reached T+K seafood. We had chosen the wrong restaurant and jumped up just in time. Like just before a waiter got to our table!? Phew, potential embarassment averted. Just remember, that T+K’s workers will be attired in their GREEN uniform and the other restaurant (Lek + Tuk) will be in RED.

love prawns

Smoky BBQ prawns

Freshly barbequed prawns….U can almost smell the smoke coming off this picture..hahha…at THB150 for 4 pieces. Don’t you just wanna peel off that smoky slightly charred crisp coat and bite into the succulent flesh beneath?!

tom yum goong

And of course, I had to order what I’ve been craving for…spicy, sourish tom yum goong! BRING ON THE FIRE babyyyyyyy!! I definately heard my stomach sizzle after slurping down bowls of this…but I wasn’t heading it none too much..After we got to Silom Cooking school, we learned to make this ourselves, and i’ve made it a few times at home as well….OH MY MY…To not feel my tongue for a few minutes..To sip at that fiery broth…Seriously if you don’t take spicy foods….




……….. I will really Feel for you.

Feel aghast. AND Slightly incredulous. AND Almost put out. How can anyone not like spicy?!

After our dinner we went for a massage near our hotel and after examining our shopping, dropped into the LAND OF SNOOZEEEVILLE.

shopping platinum

To Be continued…