Day 4: 17th January 2013

Taipei Zoo / Maokong Gondola Taipei Underground City mall/ Dihua/ Wufenpu

9am: Breakfast was really nice. The night before we’d struck up a conversation with a young japanese lady travelling on her own and were happy to see her at the breakfast table. Breakfast is porridge with various condiments laid out prettily on a heavy wooden bento like plate. I didn’t feel up to whipping out the cam so no pics 😛

Here we stepped into a shop selling OCARINA.

SAMSUNG CSCvarious types ocarina

阿蘭宇粿/草仔粿 Ah Lan Hakka Glutinous Rice Cake


This was kinda like Ang ku kueh. LOL. I got the sweet filling which was ok, but dad’s was something salty, which neither of us liked! hahhaa! Luck!

If you wanna read more about the food in Jiufen, check out Pig Pig’s corner, she’s got a great write up!


11am: I had great hopes that Taipei will have a better weather. When we arrived via TAXI (about NT 1000) at City Inn Taipei II, the super efficient young men and ladies manning the reception volunteered to put a quick call to Maokong and enquire about the weather there.

“mao mao Yue…毛毛雨”.

WHY????? I have elderly folks and a kid with me. The weather is already so cold…. SOB SOB, I had to cancel my ZOO plans, and imagine drinking tea in a beautiful teahouse in the DISTANT FUTURE…..

Good thing I have other places to go in case we had time, else we never would have gone to the Taipei Underground City mall.

Taipei underground city mall

Taipei city mall shoes

Imagine shoes for NT 200. Too bad they were sporty, more teenager than I’d like..

taipei underground dress


Shop where mom in law got her elegant dinner jacket. It was about NT 1000 if I remember correctly…


Decided to get Noel a drawn potrait. Which looked nothing like him!!! Have yet to find a street artist who does a good portrait. Dad in law was saying that I shouldn’t have paid the lady. No way…I can’t do it. Just can’t.

We check into our hotel room and rest a bit. Then after a while, me and Cha left for the Book store street. There were rows and rows of bookstores but we were in each store for hardly a few minutes at most before we were out. So it was an express bookstore raiding, ending with us staring up the streets looking for a taxi around 5PM. I managed to get some cute face masks (6 pieces for NT 100) and Cha got this transformer like motorbike helmet.  He didn’t find the book he wanted, and I wasn’t gonna buy a chinese book…lol..

Went to Dihua street expecting to see ….


the market of festive pre chinese new year snacks sold yearly. Guess what? I should have asked the reception of the hotel before we went out. What a waste of taxi! There was no market! It was too early! It was only starting on the 23rd of january. Early by a week?! I almost wanted to shout. Almost.

Ended up going to wufenpu for some shopping. Sighted Farmosa Chang at the start of the road to wufenpu. It was dinner time,  it’s got a great review but by then I was wary of good reviews….


I find that when you expect good things from a review, you end up more often than not ..disappointed and then, when it turns out better than when expected, one is surprised. I expected the infamous Lu Rou Fan to be similar to those we’d been eating around Taipei, so imagine my surprise to find it REALLY GOOD. So good, I actually considered buying the ready made packs of their special sauce. If it wasn’t so pricey, I might have bought it.


The barbecued pork were pretty good, didn’t manage to snap a shot of it though. Some other stuff we ordered…


Here we are at Wufenpu.


Look at the clothes.


I was happily browsing the racks when I looked over and saw how bored everyone else looked. OOPS. SO, I decided (against my inner screaming child) to call it a day.  I was looking forward to getting loads of clothes from here…and only managed to buy one miserable tee (which fitted to perfection), and the memory of that moment is by itself….PURE AGONY.


I’ll leave you with some images of the hotel. It’s a nice hotel, with great staff. And I’ve already written a review on it in Tripadvisor! The young ladies and men have been most kind. They do their best to recommend how best to travel, where to go, and even have maps of the hotel surroundings to give you to help out. I most definately will come back to City Inn hotel. FAB FAB hotel.


For some odd reason, Taiwan’s charge outlets only give out 110v. I couldn’t charge my iphone/powerbank and wondered why for a long time. Cha pointed out the lower powered outlets. Ahhh NO WONDER…




This taiwan blog ends here. Because I’m tired of writing it..hahhaa!


Also because nothing else of note happened after this because we went home the next day. Taxi back to the Airport was booked by City Inn II front desk staff, for about NTD 1100, we got an mpv this time.