Continuation from Day 2: Damsui /Tamsui 淡水

2 pm: Beitou MRT to Tamsui/Damsui MRT NT24 in 14 mins.

Once out of the MRT, the exit took us through a long underground walk and out into the middle of the street with cars around us. We headed across the road on our left and saw this quaint looking cafe. What an odd name. Cat rain coffee. Rain cat Cafe?

tamsui cat

If you walk to the left of the cafe, go around to the back of that shop row, you’ll have arrived at the waterfront. We didn’t know which was the way to get to Damsui old street, or the waterfront for the matter so we blindly walked to the right of this cafe, got lost, was guided by these nice ladies selling ginger cubes, then HAD TO buy truckloads of ginger cubes because father in law felt indebted… (⌒_⌒;)

Despite those instructions, we never did find the old street, but we didn’t really  care because there were so many beautiful shops with interesting things to see. I should have taken more shop pics in Damsui. And yet it’s nice to let go of picture taking and just feel the moment.

Below is an old fashioned Toy shop. Selling cheap plastic toys that were really …cheap. Which is why it belonged in days long past… We promised Noel a toy and we would later find him a nice action figurine. Somewhere else.

old fashioned toys damsuiplastic toys

Where do all these kids come from?


Famous Ah Poh Tie Dan 阿婆铁蛋 (ie iron eggs ):The story goes that an old lady called Hwang Chang Mo couldn’t sell her braised eggs and kept boiling and reboiling them for days resulting in the egg whites turning into a hard, chewy, black mass.. akin to iron. Here you’ll see better images of how the eggs look up close.

damsui iron eggs

ah por iron eggs

We bought like 5 packs of quail and chicken eggs. I’m sorry that not one of the family liked those eggs but that means it’s ALL for me! And Noel and vincent too, since those two boys seem to have their mommy’s strange tastes for funny weird foods!

Father bargained for a discount for a bit.

It was like,”If we get…two packs no discount? What about if i buy three? No? Oh. Ok. Ok. I’ll take FIVE”.

I was like. ….that makes no sense whatever!?! Whatever happened to walking away? (⊙_◎)

Ps/ In Taiwan one just doesn’t bargain. Or we are just poor bargainers.

Ah Po Iron Eggs 阿婆铁蛋
Address: 135-1 Zhongzheng Road, Tamsui district
地址: 台北縣淡水鎮中正路135-1號

Damsui’s 三兩三 Ah Gei  阿給 shop. We had one  阿給 piece per person, and got Noel the fishball and radish soup 鱼丸汤 . Ah gei is simple food. There’s not much that can go wrong with combining tang hoon and taufu skin for me. I like tang hoon, i like taufu. The sweet sauce was kinda odd, personally i would have liked a spicier sauce.

ar gei淡水阿給

We were surprised that it wasn’t as awful as reviews put it. Husband’s words, “Edible ah”. Noel’s fishball in his 鱼丸汤 wasn’t that great though, me and mom in law make better fishpaste/ fishballs. ….he..

Dad in law loves baked goods as much as mom in law. Mom in law is forever distrustful of outside food, but likes munching on bread and biscuits when she’s hungry. I caught her a few times before, claiming she’s not hungry and then munching on plain bread the next minute…i like bread only when its wholewheat and as a sandwich.

Below is 珍奇順牛角專賣店 a bakery selling  bullhorn bread. Parents in law were attracted by the wonderful smell of butter in the air. But alas, it was bland and harder than I’d expected, with just a tinge of butter…DON’T buy this.


Here they went and bought BOXES of xibing 喜餅 or wedding cookies from another bakery. Omg, the weight of those boxes PLUS the bags of ginger cubes from before just killed me and hubby’s backs. Hallo, we have just started our walk around Damsui and we need to travel all the way back to the minsu via MRT?

wedding cake taipei

Read more about wedding customs in Taiwan: Everything about a chinese wedding by mykafkaesquelife

My favourite picture for this trip. It says all that Damsui is to me. Relaxing, family time, laid back, light breeze, salty air, the sound of people laughing, sea view…

relax damsui

This taiwanese lady is cooking quail eggs and dusting small whitebait on top of it. It was delicious…man, I want this again!

damsui eggsSAMSUNG CSC

Hubby saw me busy buying key chains for my staff, he got these small fried crabs for me!  Bb, you are the best! But next time, I’ll get them to lay off on the salt and peppers. I don’t like pepper on mah food.

tamsui food eats

Below are pretty little japanese themed sweets I got Noel’s teachers….from Sophisca


The key chains with sand and teeny tiny seashells I got from Tamsui for about RM 4.5o each.

Yes, we spoil Noel. Occasionally. Or because he’s been good. Or because we’re on a holiday. But ANYWAYS, here he comes with his tall damsui ice cream for NTD 10.

ice cream tamsui

We had been talking about the trip, letting him know what we were going to see, to eat, and this ice cream was on HIS list of must eats. His grandparents think it’s too much, obviously. (See the bulging paper bags next to them? There were more in our knapsacks!)


It’s kinda tasteless. We let him eat most of it and threw the rest away…lol.

Some other stuffs in Tamsui.

fair thamsuiSAMSUNG CSCkids shop

Guess what? We got lazy on the way back and took a cab. I saw mom grimace while walking, and felt kinda tired myself. Noel almost fell asleep in the back of the car. It was a long way back to 昆明街 kuang ming lu, what with the traffic congestion. I like how fast the MRT is too but when you have too many things to carry…ermm…….

Evening: Shihlin Night market

I didn’t take many pics sorry. We only went to find something to eat for dinner, walked into this resto which wasn’t a good choice since food was slow to arrive and not that tasty.


Lu Rou Fan


Shihlin’s Oyster omelette  IS JUST SAD. We had tasted another fried oyster omelette in ximending area the night before and it was as dissapointing. After that soupy sweet gravy is poured, one cannot taste the texture of the egg, the briny feel of oysters is drowned, I don’t even know if the mushiness is from too much starch or sauce. I just don’t like sweet tasting foods unless they are meant to be desserts?

Compare this image of fried oysters available in Johor bahru, Malaysia. This is the sort of oyster omelette that makes me drool. Crispy fried pieces of eggs, huge oysters, doesn’t look too greasy…

Johor bahru oyster

Maybe I should go to Tainan, Taiwan for their version of fried oyster omelette, but  minus the sauce.

My oyster soup was delicious but I  forgot to take pictures of it! I was pretty hungry by the time it came!

Below is a cake or rather confusingly named GAYKE in the shape of well..a p.e.n.i.s! (^_-)≡★

penile cake

OMG, so funny looking! I’d read about it in ximending, didn’t see it there but did not expect one in Shihlin! Oh my, I would have bought one and taken an up close shot, but too many people were giving the shop a WIDE berth, and laughing and pointing at the colourful projections..

So very shy… (#^.^#) .no way will I have bought it. But if Lily, or my brothers were there, someone would have bought it for a laugh I’m sure!


See how there are so many HEADS blocking my shot of the OTHER head?? Didn’t pause to shoot this ok, I was striding past as slow as I could and got in two shots without making it look too obvious. WHO WOULD buy these things?! Is there even a demand or HUGE profit for this sort of cake?


herbal soup storepork rib herbs

Nothing spectacular about the herbal soup. It had such a promising dark colour yet it wasn’t thick enough for me. Still, it’s nice to sip hot soup on such chilly evenings.

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