Sitting in the children’s playroom is a box filled with cute Bento tools from Daiso. I bought them when Noel was 2, dreaming that one day I would be this  ideal mom who  would carefully prepare lunch boxes for her kids to bring to school.

With my darling older boy not being around for the past 2 weeks, I haven’t had to worry about his meals but could take a lot more job offers. Initially when he and his little brother left for their grandparents’ house ( year end school holiday break) I was inwardly cursing the fact that I had no choice in the matter…but then i realised that i didn’t have  to fetch them late at night from their aunt’s house. I resigned myself that it was all for the best, and slotted in dates with wild abandon(!). I was not to see the kitchen for while.

I love bento. What I would give for the chance to travel through Japan on their  high speed trains and a train- bento @ Ekiben sitting on my lap. I would order bentos in Japanese restaurants because they feel so neat, all arranged in their compartments. I suppose I must like order very much, since I have to have foods looking pretty, right before i mess it all up in my tummy hehehe!


pls see Hello sandwich’s page



This is a manga book on Ekiben that I’m dying to get my hands on…Ekiben Hitoritabi. Wonder if  I can get it in m’sia!




Sadly, I  don’t think I’m going to have much time to make bento lunches for Noel come next year. I can only make notes from other mommas blogs , for THAT day when I can.  His kindy has prepared lunches for the kids, sometimes it’s cakes, other days it’s biscuits and milo. Very meagre offerings. Not very healthy huh. Mmm..

Noel, I wish I have more time for you. I wish i wish for many things but today I wish I have time to carefully make cute little bento characters. I enjoyed the Angry birds bento that i made for you..Too bad I only got a new camera lately. Else I could have snapped and shown the world my funny looking about-to-collapse-with-a-poke red tomato sauce infused angry bird!

This was my inspiration for Noel’s angry bird.


And this was my URL link/ inspiration for all those octapus sausages he’s hogging down.

Sorry i’m not sure if you can see the youtube vid:(

This I saw just recently and think is funny and worth making just to make noel laugh! Right before he bites into it! See Rabbitcancook. An egg-cident!



I’ll keep updating this blog. Maybe add in a link to all bento blogs for my future convenience….

When i have the time la….


Which is when??  

Aww…Don’t be sad…….




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