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(This image is not mine. Please read iamthewitch’s review of Fong keow (pottery) BKT, Klang)

I adore klang BKT. So much so that the image of a bowl of steaming hot, thick herbal soup very easily sends me into internal spasm of acute joy. There is no other bah kut teh to compare to Klang’s. I say it after having lived in malacca, sarawak, johor.   I do not like the peppery kind. I am just turned off by BKT that is clear, with just a little herb taste to it , ie singapore /JB teo chew style. There has been passable and pretty good bah kut teh here and there. But KLANG  BKT, is..sorry, hold on..

overcome with happiness …happy.. happy…

Ok, anyways, my dad  is the best. He’ll drive us all the way to klang when we want to have a heavyyy brunch of  BKT and we’ll always go to the same few restaurants:

Teluk pulai (pottery) BKT which is at Taman Intan, Klang (not the original one in Jln Teluk pulai)


We used to go to Fong Keow (pottery) BKT, which is just right in front of Teluk pulai (P) BKT. I’m not sure why we stopped going there. Probably always too crowded or something.  It’s undergone some change it seems when I read others’ blogrolls. You can read about Fong Keow (pottery) BKT’s new face change  here.


There’s another restaurant that we always go to and it’s in the same area. But I don’t remember the name.

But this blog isn’t about klang bah kut teh. It’s about trying out the DRY type of bah kut teh in Yap chuan bah kut teh restaurant, Puchong. Yeah, I know I said that I HEART Klang  Bah kut teh as the best, but then I meant the usual soup / wet bah kut teh. I just wanted to convey how much i love klang’s BKT..Oh you got what I meant? So i don’t have to repe…? Oh ok.

Yap Chuan Bah Kut Teh Restaurant

To be honest I’ve never eaten the dry type of BKT before. So maybe my judgement is..well, it’s rubbish since I can’t compare.

My dad has though. And I make him the family authority of what is good and what is only so so. He’s eaten the dry type before and didn’t think much of it. Even I felt the “idea” of dried bah kut teh was a misnomer. There is no herb in it,and why take away the soup?!  So it was all rather an adventure into trying something new and this restaurant had a LOT of good reviews.

I think we all stared at the sizzling hot claypot filled with dark sauce and visible meat for a bit when it arrived at the table. My dad then had a bite and announced, ” Nice. Yeah not bad.”

I took a scoop and… was GOOD.

Bits of cuttlefish mixed into a salty paste of soy sauce and pork pieces,bits of ocra bits  and were there dried shrimps in there? Mmm.. I agree with the Lou Tou. Not bad at all. In fact by the end of the meal, we all decided it was worth the journey. Decidely better than what my dad had tasted before…(ok daddy, I’m glad you liked it hahha). It wasn’t herby. It was salty, chewy, it shouldn’t even be called BKT but that’s what got it all this attention.

yapchuan yapchuan

And even the usual claypot soup (we added enoki mushrooms) was good. It’s meat was less chunkier , smaller than Klang’s. Taste wise…As good as klang BKT? Somehow I can’t tell the difference. Klang does a thinner version. Yap chuan’s soup is a  little more viscous.


I’m so pleased coz now there’s a new place to have our BKT fix and it’s a lil nearer too.


53, Ground & 1st Floor,
Jalan BPU,
Bandar Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

  Tel No : 6012-674 4440 / 6019-328 5392.
Opens daily  9.30am until 9.00pm.