Just about a week ago, I sms-ed to my sister that I needed to start a blog site. Wisely, she chose not to comment. I have been known to go all gun ho for a new project and have it sky dive after a bit.

Then again, she probably wasn’t paying attention. (Lily: kekeke)

But back to my earlier statement : I needed to start blogging.

Or do I? Have I become vain; speak of me and the world must hasten to listen (Or to LIKE,  to COMMENT). Am I not impatient with Facebook and their social stories flitting in and out? So and so did this, so and so did that, so..so…SO WHAT, quite honestly. In writing a blog @ online public diary, am I not airing out my laundries / intending to bore ppl with talks of my kids / my new Rolls Royce / my new Bengal tiger…?

Probably. Probably there is this slight tinge of vanity in there somewhere.

But, I also have a wish to write and see words appear before me. If I speak as if I’ve blogged all my life, I realise that in truth I have been blogging in my head all my life. I’ve been rearranging words and stories and playing with sentences  over and over in my head since I was old enough to be aware of it. If one has need of hobbies to lessen somewhat the sombre drudgery of work, a blog therein is a hobby and I have need of this hobby. Besides, it’ll be fun.

Ok. Now that I have given myself a valid reason for starting this lil’ project, I shall do so.

(For some reason, I feel like I need to pat myself on the back..)

And if I find that somewhere along the way I have no clue as to what I should blog about, I shall drag my sister into this and force her to write some notes. Just for not paying attention.